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Our Expertise

Transportation Systems

Economic, environmental, and societal progress is tightly coupled with efficient and accessible transportation systems. The fluidity of people and parcels is of critical importance, as both are increasingly placing heavy burdens on aging infrastructure. Our team has extensive experience in the development and implementation of digital solutions that enhance the competitiveness of transportation systems.

Cognitive Systems

Data without analytics is a wasted opportunity. How to reap the benefit boils down to your analytics strategy. It is through the continued advancement of automated and semi-automated analysis of the data that value will be generated. This entails the application of machine learning, neural and deep learning, and artificial intelligence to continually analyze the data pools to extract insights and value.

Digitalization Strategy

Frankly, we don't care for this term because it is overused and does not capture the fact that the world has been digital for decades. We believe that the most successful companies in the world today have already recognized that a digital-first strategy is a core part of their business. Where nTEG can assist, is in providing a fresh set of experienced voices to the strategy sessions, to help sharpen the focus, launch new initiatives, or characterize a full pivot.

Cyber Security

The threats are real and we are reminded daily of malice that the unscrupulous wish to inflict. Every digital strategy must start with the main tenant that the data asset needs to be protected—at all times. From this starting point, a digital strategy can emerge that is rooted in an end-to-end framework of digital security.

Knowledge Management

A digital transformation is a journey, not and end point. As such, the continual development of digital-based capabilities requires the transfer and sharing of knowledge amongst various stakeholders in the ecosystem. This is not simple file sharing or shared file folders, it is a holistic approach that enables real-time access to relevant information and experts that can be leveraged to master the task at hand.

Project Management

As with any new initiative, it is necessary to move the idea, innovation, or prototype into the real world. We have extensive international experience in advancing from concept through to industrialization and operations. Our team has a proven track record of successful innovative-project and product realizations.

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