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Artificial Intelligence is not something new.  It has been around for sometime.  The difference is the amount of data, computational horsepower, and number of contributors to the advancement of the algorithms.

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As we all take measures to protect ourselves and loved ones, there is a parallel universe of activity racing to apply all of the latest medical technology, data analysis, genome mapping, artificial intelligence (AI), robots, drones, IoT, supply chain logistics, self-driving vehicles, and cybersecurity enhancements (to name a few) to address this Global pandemic crisis. …
When it comes to industries that rely heavily upon expensive assets and infrastructures to enable operations, there is no question that keeping assets functioning in top performance is critical to the bottom-line. For many years organizations have included planned-maintenance activities, typically recommended by manufacturers of equipment and based on some usage parameters (hours in service, …
Initial findings published by researchers from Tel-Aviv University and RADLogics, show promise through the application of Deep Learning CT Image Analysis to assist doctors in detecting the deadly Coronoavirus (COVID-19). One of the challenges of rapidly developing a DL algorithm is the phases through which the algorithm must progress: Data-collection, Training, and Testing. Each of …
Photo: Courtesy of Human Connectome Project. There isn’t a week that passes by without information on AI making the headlines of the major newspapers or magazines. You don’t need to be a computer specialist to realize that something big is happening, changing profoundly the computer world and with it, the society in which we live. The …
Hays, in partnership with Oxford Economics, has released its annual report on Global Skills Index 2016.  The  Hays Global Skills index is made up of seven indicators that are used to create a statistical report that assess the dynamics of the skilled labour market across 33 countries, and include: Education flexibility Labour market participation Labour …
By 2020, the Internet of Things (IoT) is likely to grow in a market of more than US$1.29 billion1, connecting more than 30.7 billion2 objects and producing around 500 Zettabytes of data3. No top manager can ignore how this technology will redefine the product design, manufacturing, sales, purchasing and other business cycles of his or …
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