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A Digital Ventures

  • Strategic Planning

    Using an investor’s mindset and design thinking methodologies, we drive your digital cognitive strategy.

  • Innovation Acceleration

    With proven approaches to unleash the innovation potential within your organization, we expand your business ecosystem to deliver results more quickly.

  • Technology Scouting

    We continually scan the digital technology corridors for relevant advancements and incorporate them into a radar adapted to your business challenges.

  • Rapid Prototyping

    We enable rapid software and hardware prototyping of new ideas to complement the design-agility and propose phased-investment requirements.

  • Implementation & Knowledge Transfer

    Working jointly with you to unleash your existing digital capabilities, by applying knowledge transfer concepts, methods and systems.

Our services.

Venture Strategy

We work jointly with you to build a digital-centric strategy that extends your existing business or creates new digitally-based business opportunities.

Capability Providing

We co-create with a digital-first approach which centers on enabling applied machine & deep learning to automate the mundane, increase efficiency, and create new value.

Validate & Test

Once we have jointly created a hypothesis, we immediately launch into prototyping and validating. This agile and lean method ensures the team stays focused on value creation–while reducing time spent on fruitless endeavors.